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ER-System Mechatronic GmbH was founded in 2007 in Scheffau am Tennengebirge. Right from the beginning, innovation and the latest technologies have shaped the history of the company. One year later, the series production of the first prechamber gas valve which we developed for a well-known gas engine manufacturer started.
Since 2011, the infrared heating system is also part of our product range. These are produced by a specially developed plasma coating process and sold by our distributors. The development of the technology as well as the production completely takes place in our house. In 2014 we developed trough innovation and continuous new ideas a high performance spark plug for gas engines in the performance range 0.2-10MW. These spark plugs have set new standards in the gas engine industry and are being optimized for ever more diverse applications.
In 2016, the company moved to Golling to increase production capacity and drive Innovation.





We now operate in components for gas engines and heating technology. In these business areas, we offer efficient and sustainable products.


Our products are being developed through constant research an optimized for our customers. This is necessary for the international success of our products. Combined with quality leadership and the latest technologies, we were able to gain a head start in recent years.
Forschung und Entwicklung



  • Plasma coating of ceramic and metal layer
  • ECM electrochemical deburring
  • Prototype construction, conventional lathing and milling
  • Magnetic field simulation
  • CAD construction
  • Laboratory equipment for quality assurance
  • CNC laser-welding
  • CNC laser structuring
  • CNC laser engraving
  • CNC turning





Innovation & Technology
ER-System stands for innovation and the latest technologies. We continuously create new ideas to improve our products.  
Durable & Sustainable
Our products are all designed to ensure the longest possible durability and functionality for our customers. 
Fairness & Reliability
Fairness and reliability in the Company are prerequisites for our success.


Unsere werte
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